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Bulldog With An Attitude Necklace

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bulldog necklace

We added a new category of products for the Bulldog lovers. Mugs, necklace, t-shirt, and shot glass are for the collection of products. If you love your Bulldog, you will like our products. These are not in stores and are collectibles. 

If you have a Bulldog, there is no way you can resist not loving the dog. In general, its masculine appearance can fool us as tough and scary but most bulldogs are very cuddly and sweet hearted dogs you ever met. Most of them are pleasant towards strangers but some can be hostile towards new faces and unfamiliar dogs.

The Bulldog is originated in the British Isles. Despite its extremely cruel historic background of breeding, the Bulldog has kept a sense of quiet and reserved manner. 

The Bulldog is also very willing to please the owner and its affection and patience with children make them wonderful family pets. Royal, obedient, and patient yet, very independent, and stubbornness are its characteristics which we love them for. The Bulldog has been one of the favorite animal companions in the United States. 


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