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New Yoga Shot Glass-The Power of Yoga

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Can you imagine for a Shot Glass for Yoga person?

Yoga Inspiration

Yoga and a shot glass seem an odd couple.  People who love yoga are very passionate about health and exercise. Yoga exercise helps increased flexibility, muscle strength, and tone.  It also improves respiration, energy, and vitality.  Maintaining a balanced metabolism for weight loss, cardio, and circulatory health for athletic performance. 

What's got to do with yoga and a shot glass?

A shot glass represents, often times, alcohol beverages. They do not mix at least what we imagine them together. However, some people use alcohol beverages to calm themselves while some use yoga for meditation. it doesn't mean that people who love yoga cannot enjoy a shot of sake or other beverages. 

Our new shot glass, however, is a collectible for yoga-loving people. You will love this shot glass even if you do not use it for a shot of a wine or any other kind of alcohol beverages. 

As a special gift item, this shot glass has a nice graphic design.  It is very attractive and displays well. People who love yoga will treasure it and be proud of receiving and giving it to others. 

It will be a special gift for anyone who practices yoga and passionate about yoga.

Check it out for yourself.



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